The Whitten Blog is up and Running!

It is up and running
After much aggravation, and gnashing of teeth, I have finally gotten WordPress up and running on our family web server. Karen wanted to start a blog, and I thought it would be a nice challenge to me to try to get it up and running on my old Fedora Linux box. This machine sits in Joyce’s room, and has been faithfully running our website, and weather server for the past year.

I didn’t exactly have to start from scratch. Apache (the webserver software) was already up and running, and PHP was already installed (but I was not using it). I did have to install MySQL on the server, but I did it through the Fedora updater, so that was pretty easy.

The hardest part of getting the whole thing running was getting the darn WordPress install script to run. It is supposed to run over just an ordinary web server (it is PHP based) but I could not get it to work. I kept trying to run the script, but it was coming up blank. Finally I figured out that it was not working due to a bad link to the MySQL database information. I fixed that, and poof! It started working.

I will say that dispite the difficulties I had setting up WordPress, I cannot believe how well it works. After tweaking the interface a few times, we have a very professional looking Blog! The fact that people can leave comments is amazing to me. I can administer the site from anywhere! This software is too cool.

Imagine Karen will do lots of posting on this site. This may be the only time I post as the administrator, but time will tell.

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  1. hey, love the web site, esp the kids fixing the Christmas Tree. What is on their Christmas want list for this year? Let us know.
    karen, I have a luncheon tomorrow, Tuesday from 11 – to 1:00 on Bakersfield. Should be h home at about 2:00 can take the kids any time after that. I will call you when I am home. Can keep them them through supper if you want me to. I’ll contact you in the morning to fix the details.


  2. Alan,
    Great Blog site. Thanks so much for posting Pastor Andy’s Men’s Bible Studies. I noticed you said you have a weather station contected to your server. What is the address of the station. I have one on wxunderground as kcabearv3. Check it out it is a site a couple of blocks up Jacaranda in Bear Valley.


  3. Dave,
    My weather stattion is KCATEHAC15, and carries the designation of East Golden Hills. It is located along my back fence near the intersection of Westwood, and San Gabriel.

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