Happy 4th of July!

Freedom from bedtime! We didn’t do much for the 4th, just stayed home and played in the yard. We BBQ’d for dinner, and Greg got his life-long wish fullfilled:  We told him he could stay up as late as he wanted. He was determined to stay up ALL night.  Here is a picture of him at 6:30pm (notice the dark circles already forming)

We went into town for the local fireworks show at 9:00 and got home just before 10.  Camille (who was so upset about not being allowed to stay up) fell asleep in the car. Greg still had a lot of determination at this point, but was asking to snuggle up with his stuffed monkey and watch a movie.

Here is a picture of him at 11:00, looking tired, but still insisting he is not:

Then, it happened. At 11:30, he SNAPPED! I was expected him to nod off while watching TV, but he just stared crying, “I’m SO tired.. I need to go to bed…” He went running down the hall to his room, crying as if the world were ending. I think he was asleep before his head hit the pillow!

Breakfast this morning was hard to swallow. Now, it is 8am and he just threw up. I feel kinda bad. I know it’s because he’s tired. We told him when people don’t get enough sleep, they get sick. I think this was a good lesson for him, and I bet he will be ready for bed on time tonight.


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