A Kiddo Update

Joyce has really taken to our kitty Sarah lately! Poor Sarah doesn’t always appreciate the extra attention. She has a basket next to our woodstove (about 2 feet above the floor) and was safe there, until now! Joyce has figured out how to climb up there and snuggle with her best buddy! I just heard this giggle, and turned to see her in there with the kitty — and quite proud of herself too!

According to Joyce, all kitties are named “A-ya” – I think she got this from our cat, Leah. All dogs are named “Oger” (Grover) and any food item right now is called “Crapper” (Cracker). I love that she is learning that things have names… and it is very entertaining at times! She has also figured out that when I start cooking dinner to start watching out the front windows and saying, “Da-Da?  Da-Da?”  Too cute!


Greg is settling into school. He had his first Show and Tell on Friday. He prepared a book about Space, with pictures of our visit to the Space Museum in Oakland and pictures of various space ships he has built at home. It was neat to go and watch him — and very surprising to see how cool and calm he was! He did a great job and told me he really liked talking up there. 

As for my darling, Camille… She is mostly into fashion these days! We’ve reached the age of multiple outfit (and accessory) changes everyday. She is also addicted to bubble gum. 

I am getting excited for Fall!  There is a crispness in the air tonight and it feels great! I hope we are really done with Summer, and we are only a few months away from snow! My sister will be home from Canada on Dec 14, so I am eager for the next 3 months to pass 🙂  Then, only 3 more months until baby comes!

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  1. I too am eager for the next three months to pass before I come home!! I can’t wait to see the kiddos…in person!! I think I’m going to be soooo shocked to see how big they’ve gotten! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve been home!! =(

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