We survived another Halloween

I never understood why my mother hated Halloween so much until we had own kids.  Good grief! I’m just glad it only comes around once a year.

Greg’s school does not have a Halloween celebration. Instead, they celebrate “Reformation Day”. All the students dress up in 18th century attire and they celebrated and learned about John Wesley. It was neat and all the kids seemed to enjoy it. My mom helped make costumes for the kids. I was able to get Camille a dress for $1.50 and we added the apron and vest. Greg’s costume was all from scratch except the shirt. I think it all turned out great…. but, of course the kids had other ideas for their actual Halloween costumes.

So – after school, we came home and got warm and cozy from the rain and started building Greg’s 2nd costume of the day. He wanted to be a ghost. Thankfully, Camille wanted to be a princess and there were plenty of things for her to choose from the dress up box.   We sacrificed and old sheet and got Greg set up with a ghost costume. 

So- after all the events of the day, the kids were exhausted all through dinner. They also became very emotional when they heard the rain pounding on the roof just after dinner!  The deal was…. if it is raining, we won’t go trick-or-treating!  Talk about 2 devastated kids!!  So, I told them only God could stop the rain if He wanted to… and I suggest they start praying!

The rained stopped, we got on costumes and hit the road. We made to about 5 houses and they were ready to go home.  Greg reminded me before bed that we need to leave the candy out for the “candy fairy” to come take. I had TOTALLY forgotten about her from last  year!  She is the tooth fairy’s sister and takes the candy to make sure her sister gets good, strong teeth!  She usually leaves a coloring book in return. I was surprised Greg remember — and even more surprised that he reminded me. However, he did ask if we could leave her a note to come back in a few days, so he could enjoy some of the candy. 

It was an incredibly LONG day for me!  I think the kids felt it too. They were in bed and asleep by 8:00.  I’m now anxious for Thanksgiving… maybe by then I will find a way to be thankful for Halloween?

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  1. nice update, and HILARIOUS halloween recount! our day was quite similar. 🙂

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