Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!  We got up Christmas morning and had Alan’s parents over for some yummy quiche breakfast. The kids opened their gifts and spent the morning playing. Joyce was a little confused about how to unwrap, but she did eventually figure it out. We tried to keep Christmas simple, with 1 gift per child and 1 gift for them to share with each other… however, the grandparents arrived with a laundry basket and bag full of goodies and gifts. Greg was excited to recieve 2 new stuffed monkeys for his ‘collection’.


We went to my parents house for the afternoon to visit with both my sisters, parents and my great aunt Barbara. She is 80, and still loves to play with little dolls. She and Camille really get along!  I’m glad Camille has chosen her as a special friend… I think it is great for both of them 🙂  My sister, Kim and her husband also had some exciting news to share. They are expecting their first baby in July, 2009. 


It started snowing while we were at my parents… and it was a long, slow drive home! We made it though… and discovered our power was out when we got here. What an adventure, unloading all the kids in the wind and snow into a cold, dark house. Fortunately, the power came back about an hour later and Alan and I were able to watch all 5 hours of Pride and Prejudice after the kids went to bed.

Friday, we went back to my parents house for dinner. Last summer, they won a raffle for 6 live Maine Lobsters! They could have the lobsters delivered anytime they chose… so they decided to get them for Christmas! WOW !! What a treat!  They were delicious, but a lot of work to crack the shells and find the meat. Greg liked the taste, but had more fun playing with the empty shells. I made the mistake of giving him a head and telling him it could be his buddy. He was pretty devastated at the idea of throwing “Buddy” away after dinner. He kept asking to take it home to play with some more. Grandpa convinced him to put it in a ziploc in the freezer until he visits again. Hopefully, Greg will forget about it by then.


Well, that’s a recap of our Christmas: Too many presents, too much food, and two days until we do it all again. We are meeting with Alan’s family on Sunday night in Bakersfield.  And after we recover from this long weekend, we can look forward to moving next weekend!

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