Recent Kid Pics

I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger! I have been uploading most of our pictures to facebook, but I forget that some people only know us on the blog. Here are some recent pictures of the kids and what they have been up to.

Greg graduated from Kindergarden. He is enjoying summer vacation to the fullest, but is also looking forward to 1st grade.


Camille is recovering from a bad “Mommy-Inflicted” hair cut. It has grown out some, and we are learning to style it  🙂


Joyce will be 2 next week!  Hard to believe time has gone so quickly, but her age is definitely reflected in her ATTITUDE!  Wow! I have a feeling this next year won’t go as fast!


Wesley is 3 months old now, and starting to sleep on a better schedule. Tonight, he was in bed by 9:00 (which is the only reason I was actually able to get on here and update the blog!) He had 2 nights last week where he slept 6 hours… I hope that trend will continue!


Here is the whole mess of them. They’re goofy kids, but I love them. I feel like I am enjoying them more every day. Yes, I am tired. Yes, they are a lot of work. And, oh yes, are they loud!  But, I love my life and would not want it any other way 🙂


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