So, our cat, Sarah ESCAPED out the front door a few days ago. Our neighbor, who loves animals, was holding her in their garage until she was able to go door to door looking for her family. When she was returned, the neighbor commented that she looked like she was ready to give birth any day. *laugh* Sarah is 14 years old, and was spayed after she weaned her only batch of kittens (12+ years ago!!)

Greg started asking if/when Sarah could have more kittens. I explained that she was just toooo old to have kittens now. Greg thought for a moment…. then started telling me the story of Sarah and Abraham, and how ‘that’ Sarah thought she was too old, but God still gave her a baby. Greg asked if there is a “cat god” that can do the same thing for our Sarah.

Next time, I’ll just have to explain what it means to be spayed!


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  1. Love that boy! I’m glad he’s listening and applying his Bible study 🙂

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