New House Pics

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It’s a Boy!

Yep, another baby boy on his way around Christmas, 2011.  Can’t wait to meet him. I think he already looks a little like his big brother Wesley!

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Spring Pictures


How lucky am I ? Now if they would just stop growing so fast!

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Guest House

We are living in our guest house for a while, until we get the main house cleaned up and fixed up!  It’s a cozy 1 bedroom…. about 650 sq ft in all.  Some days it feels smaller, but we’re mostly making it work!  🙂 We are very thankful for the few warms days we’ve had to get the kids outside to play.  Hoping to be in the new house in a few months!

Top Row – Front room contains kitchen, dining area, our bed and computer

Bottom Row – Bathroom, Kids Room (Wes’s bed is behind the door) and view from my kitchen window! 🙂

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New House Pics

Pictures of the house



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Hmmm… Testing if I can send this from my phone. How convienent that would be! 🙂


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Happy Birthday Camille

Despite my best efforts to convince Camille to cancel her birthday, she decided she DOES want to be SIX!  Oh, well… I tried.  Maybe I can hit the rewind button while she sleeps tonight?  I’m just not ready for her to grow up.  We celebrated tonight with pizza dinner with her grandparents and the cake she helped decorate.  Happy Birthday Camille-Bear!

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Where did this year go?!

Laundry Basket Boat

Here we are…. the middle of December. Did I plan to take a whole year off from blogging? Never. But, life happens! I wish I could say I’ve been busy all year doing all the things I talked about in my last post. Although some progress has been made, I know I still have work to do in 2011 🙂

I’ve been facebook free for over a month now…. so I think it’s time to resurrect this dusty ol’ blog. Hopefully, there will be some more regular posting going on around here.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

PS – It took me 2 days to figure out how to log in and post this…  how sad is that?  More posts coming in 2011, I promise!

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All Girl!

My little Camille is proving herself to be “all girl” and quite the fashion expert. Yesterday, she and Joyce were fighting over a pink purse. It is actually Camille’s purse, so I took Joyce upstairs to pick another out of the sea of dress up clothes and accessories. We come down, only for Camille to pitch a fit.

“What?” I asked. ” You have one… and now she has one… what is the problem?”

Camille: “That’s my SPRING purse… I need it for when the weather warms up!”

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So, our cat, Sarah ESCAPED out the front door a few days ago. Our neighbor, who loves animals, was holding her in their garage until she was able to go door to door looking for her family. When she was returned, the neighbor commented that she looked like she was ready to give birth any day. *laugh* Sarah is 14 years old, and was spayed after she weaned her only batch of kittens (12+ years ago!!)

Greg started asking if/when Sarah could have more kittens. I explained that she was just toooo old to have kittens now. Greg thought for a moment…. then started telling me the story of Sarah and Abraham, and how ‘that’ Sarah thought she was too old, but God still gave her a baby. Greg asked if there is a “cat god” that can do the same thing for our Sarah.

Next time, I’ll just have to explain what it means to be spayed!


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