Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010! I remember stocking up on canned goods and bottled water 10  years ago, wondering what would happen when the calendar rolled over to the year 2000. Wow. Was that really 10 YEARS ago?! Was I really that paranoid? (yes, I was.) Have I really finished college, gotten married, quit my job, birthed 4 children, moved 5 times? (yes, I have!)

What’s my plan for the next 10 years? I wish I knew!! I really felt much more in charge 10 years ago. I knew what I wanted. I had my goals set. Today, I feel like if I have a dinner plan before 3pm, I’m doing great! But, I am realizing I need some kind of vision for the next 10 years, because they’ll be gone as quickly as the last 10! My ‘baby’ Greg will be 17 years old, nearly a man. Woah! Does that sting the heart? (for this mama, it does!)

So, while I don’t know all the details of my “10 year plan”, I do know it will include preparing my kiddos for adulthood. Sure, that’s what we all do as parents, right? But, I only have a decade left to prepare Greg. Just a decade. (dun, dun, dun) Seriously, though, I already feel like someone hit fast-forward on the last 10 years.  I know I don’t have extra time to waste in the next 10.

I have read several blogs this week that suggest choosing one word for the new year… and focusing on that word… instead of making hasty committments and resolutions that often get forgotten. My word was going to be PANIC! But, that’s not very motivational, is it?

I’ve been reflecting on what I want for my kids, my family, myself…  And my ‘word for 2010’ is health.

No, we’re not sick. But, I really want to focus this year on establishing healthy habits. The habits they are forming now will either stick with them — or be really hard to change. I can think of a few from my childhood I am still working on! (please don’t look under my bed!) I want my children to be healthy: physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Yes,  this is what every parent wants for their child…. but this year, I want to be deliberate and intentional and focused on guiding them (and myself) into healthier habits.

Just a few of my ideas for January… changes for myself to set a good example to the munchkins (maybe some of you can help keep me accountable….)

Physically: No more DAILY McDonald’s visits for Diet Coke. I realize it is bad for me… so do the kids. I want to show them I can cut back, or give it up. I want to show them I care about my health and my body. While I can’t promise to never drink it again, I can cut back! My goal: one soda a week!

Mentally: Ok, Diet Coke deprivation is going to effect my mental health for a while!  But checking email and facebook all day is also turning my brain to mush. I want to show my kids reading and learning can be fun! They’re not buying it when they never see Mom open a book. I sure Greg sees the hypocrisy of limiting his video gaming, while I sit behind the computer. Different screen, same mind numbing result. My goal: Email/Facebook checks once during the day… then after they go to bed.

Spiritually: Do my kids know I love Jesus? Need Him? Enjoy Him? Sure.  Do they know I love Jesus… even more than I love them? If I want Jesus to be their #1, I need to show them He’s MY #1. I know my words say that to them, but I need my actions to. I love this song the kids learned at VBS last summer, “You walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks!”  There’s nothing like Proverbs for ‘walking instructions’! I will read the Proverb that corresponds to the date (Jan 5 = Proverbs 5) and share with the kids. Greg and Camille can grasp this! My goal: Read Proverbs DAILY with my children, and study the Word more consistently on my own.

I’m sure for a lot of people these seem like easy objectives! But, I’m feeling rather off course right now… and sobered by the thought that 2020 is right around the corner. You only get one chance to raise your kids. This is just the start of my list. I have so many ideas for this year, but I know I need to start small… and I know if I start with myself, they rest are more likely to follow. So, with that, I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2010!

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Merry Christmas!

For those who we missed or did not have addresses for, Merry Christmas! Although the holiday season has passed, I hope we will all continue to celebrate Jesus all year long!

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Camille’s 5th Birthday

Camille turned 5 on December 17th!  (Yes, I know it is January 5th, but give a busy mom a break!) Camille really wanted a birthday party with her friends, so we planned a tea party luncheon. We borrowed some cake pans from Grandma and made a cake fit for a princess!

Awaiting her guests

Make a Wish


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All Girl!

My little Camille is proving herself to be “all girl” and quite the fashion expert. Yesterday, she and Joyce were fighting over a pink purse. It is actually Camille’s purse, so I took Joyce upstairs to pick another out of the sea of dress up clothes and accessories. We come down, only for Camille to pitch a fit.

“What?” I asked. ” You have one… and now she has one… what is the problem?”

Camille: “That’s my SPRING purse… I need it for when the weather warms up!”

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8 months old!!

Little Wesley is 8 months old today. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies!  He is crawling well…. and also pulling up on anything he can reach. He’s is certainly keeping us on our toes. Last weekend, he cut his first tooth, learned to clap his hands and crawled up the stairs…. it was a busy couple days in his little world!   I put him on the scale this morning and got 18.4 lbs. I thought it had to be an error, as I’ve been getting a low battery warning for weeks. I did it again and he was 18.5… what a chunk!  I think Greg was 18 lbs at a year and Joyce is 22 lbs at 2 1/2.   Wesley is a very happy and healthy little (um, big) man.





Our family took a family portrait last month.  Just got the prints in 🙂  I sure love this bunch!!


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So, our cat, Sarah ESCAPED out the front door a few days ago. Our neighbor, who loves animals, was holding her in their garage until she was able to go door to door looking for her family. When she was returned, the neighbor commented that she looked like she was ready to give birth any day. *laugh* Sarah is 14 years old, and was spayed after she weaned her only batch of kittens (12+ years ago!!)

Greg started asking if/when Sarah could have more kittens. I explained that she was just toooo old to have kittens now. Greg thought for a moment…. then started telling me the story of Sarah and Abraham, and how ‘that’ Sarah thought she was too old, but God still gave her a baby. Greg asked if there is a “cat god” that can do the same thing for our Sarah.

Next time, I’ll just have to explain what it means to be spayed!


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6 months old!!

For the 2 people who still check our blog, here is some recent video of Wesley. He is 6 months old today, and wants to crawl SO bad!!!   He’s growing up so fast!! Love him more and more every day 🙂


(Yes, we are still waiting for both hair AND teeth to sprout!)

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Recent Kid Pics

I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger! I have been uploading most of our pictures to facebook, but I forget that some people only know us on the blog. Here are some recent pictures of the kids and what they have been up to.

Greg graduated from Kindergarden. He is enjoying summer vacation to the fullest, but is also looking forward to 1st grade.


Camille is recovering from a bad “Mommy-Inflicted” hair cut. It has grown out some, and we are learning to style it  🙂


Joyce will be 2 next week!  Hard to believe time has gone so quickly, but her age is definitely reflected in her ATTITUDE!  Wow! I have a feeling this next year won’t go as fast!


Wesley is 3 months old now, and starting to sleep on a better schedule. Tonight, he was in bed by 9:00 (which is the only reason I was actually able to get on here and update the blog!) He had 2 nights last week where he slept 6 hours… I hope that trend will continue!


Here is the whole mess of them. They’re goofy kids, but I love them. I feel like I am enjoying them more every day. Yes, I am tired. Yes, they are a lot of work. And, oh yes, are they loud!  But, I love my life and would not want it any other way 🙂


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Mother’s Day Scare

This year we attended Family Camp with our church on Mother’s Day weekend. Our church has gone to the same camp for several years, and make it a weekend of service. We help the camp get ready for their summer season, by painting, cleaning, clearing weeds, etc. We managed to do quite a bit, even with the 4 kids with us! It was a fun weekend, but tiring!  By Sunday morning, (Mother’s Day) we were ready to get home. A friend told us before we left camp that we HAD TO go check out this really cool tree house at the edge of the camp. So, we decided we would check it out on our way down the hill.

I took my camera and planned to take lots of pictures of our weekend. I had forgotten it in the car and had NOTHING to remember the trip!  So, when we got to the treehouse, I decided I better start snapping some. The trees were beautiful, so if nothing else, I wanted a nice picture of all the kids in the woods. Alan took the kids up in the tree house while I waited with Wesley by the car. IMG_0644

Alan and Joyce are standing on a wooden deck below… pretty tall, huh ?


Joyce… Going up!


Camille on her way up. Alan’s hat is in the lower left corner. The tree house was probably 12-15 feet up.

The kid ran around and played up top. Then, Greg headed down the ladder with no problem. Next Camille started down. She got to the 2nd rung of the ladder, then fell…. fell straight down. I tried to catch her, but she hit her head on the deck below pretty hard. I don’t remember ever being so scared and thought for sure she was going to break some bones, or worse. I must have broke her fall enough to prevent serious injury. She was nauseous for a while after, but there was no concussion and she was fine by the time we got home.

I think back on that day and am still amazed that she faired so well. I wonder, “What if I had been holding Wes?” Praise God he was asleep in the car. I know I would not have been able to ‘catch’ Camille without hurting Wes, as Camille and I both ended up on the ground when she fell. I wonder, “What if I had gone to check out some pine cones like Greg had asked me to?” I would have been too far away to get to her at all.

About a week after Mother’s Day, I heard of a local 2 year old that fell out of her crib and died. I wonder why God would chose to save Camille from such a height… that she would walk away with only a few scratches… and yet another child is gone after what most would consider a minor fall?  I can not imagine the grief of her family, and am so thankful my daughter is safe. I have always felt each of our children has a special purpose on Earth. I know Camille has not yet fulfilled hers.

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Blog update!

Well, since Christmas we have moved to a new house and had a baby. There, the blog has been updated! (Just kidding)

I actually sat and typed out a long post a while ago, only to have it disappear before it saved… very frustrating… so I have not been back on here to re-write it. I find I spend a lot more time on facebook now, posting pictures and updates. I hope to become a little more active on here again though.

For now, I will leave you with a couple pictures of our new son, Wesley Dean Whitten… born on Friday the 13th of March! He was 6 lb, 5 oz and 18 inches long. He is now 3 weeks old and doing great. He is very layed back and easy going. Greg, Camille and Joyce also seem to love him very much 🙂


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